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We offer the following services to integrate and maintain our quality platform at terminals:


Before a quality platform is installed, we will carry out an audit together with our distributors to understand the challenges of a specific site. We offer a quote based on this audit. We will support MOC (Management of Change) if applicable.

Installation & commissioning

Together with our distributor, we will install and commission the platform on site based on our customers’ preferences.

Periodic services

We offer local and remote services to maintain and improve the system platform capabilities: local services are executed by our local partners / distributors. Remote services are executed using a secure 4G connection to the Q/Engine. Such services include health monitoring and diagnostics, software and database updates, periodical statistical analysis etc. All services can be carried out locally as well as remotely.


Integration into DCS (Distributed Control Systems)

For those customers who want to integrate the quality platform into a DCS or SCADA system, we offer a communication layer that allows the communication of the quality results with a third-party system via various communication protocols such as Modbus, Profibus or OPC.

We deliver a reliable and proven platform supporting your product quality needs.

About FuQon

At FuQon, we are building a product quality control platform that is real-time, continuous, cost-effective and clean.



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